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You sleep at some interesting motels.

" So many miles! And for another long road ahead, let Genworth help with your.

Black. Your soul creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self confidence. You are most concerned with power and control, hanging onto information and things rather than giving out to others. You are very strong, contained and sophisticated, although at times you can also be perceived as aloof, withholding and pessimistic.

What Is The Inner Color Of Your Soul?

Neon art: Soul sign in the pool area at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas

Non-skid?! "Blow up" to the size you want to be?! LOL Vintage Ads : theBERRY

Vintage ads are a reminder of how times have changed (24 photos)

vintage marijuana ads - Google Search

Detail Of Kool Blonde Girl Cigarettes Mild Menthol - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

Orange Crush [1960s)  My grandpa would let us have ONE of these on a weekend visit to their house ... it was a BIG treat to us !

Orange Crush Orange and Grape Crush. always so appealing when I was little. Probably not totally evil like modern pops.

place #3 Kwick-mart; the groceries are mostly fresh, don't expect to leave with a candy bar unless you like over priced and expired snickers bars or rock hard starburst.

Cafe & Diner With Vintage Signs 7 Up 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo

Cafe & Diner With Vintage Signs 7 Up Reprint Of Old Photo Cafe & Diner With Vintage Signs 7 Up Reprint Of Old Photo Here is a neat collectible featuring a vintage cafe & diner with a 7 Up si

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Vintage motel sign in Mesa, AZ. I loved driving past this sign at night because of the succession of the girl diving into the "water"