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*HEALTH BENEFITS OF WALKING BAREFOOT* Get more chi; clears your mind; fights varicose veins; it's a free reflexology session.  Going barefoot is grounding; more ability to spread the toes; decrease anxiety and depression; strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves.  https://www.facebook.com/EdibleHarmony

Health Benefits of Bare Foot Walking - I knew there was a reason I didn't like wearing shoes! See I knew walking bare foot was a good thing for you!

Grounding is so important. ..look it up if you haven't heard the concept when applied to health,  you'd be surprised

HEALTH BENEFITS OF WALKING BAREFOOT: * Connect to Nature * Decreases emotional upset and anxiety * Absorb free energy from the Earth * Pushes off the body's dirty electricity absorb from electrons * Strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons, ligament

Reminders for a healthy #VBAC. #doulasrockbirth

how to reduce stress. We all deal with it. but with some simple trick we can manage stress level. here we have 5 tips to reduce stress.

The barefoot philosophy

The barefoot philosophy

The barefoot philosophy (aka "grounding"). Do you want to feel light, free, aware and present? Why not try barefoot running or walking? You won't believe how good it feels until you give it a go. Plus it actually prevents injury!

Bath & Body:  Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot.

My husband and cousin are always fussing at me about this who knew the health benefits of walking barefoot.

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Your New Best Friend in the Kitchen, Himalayan Rock Salt (Infographic

Benefits of Himalayan Salt - With all the health benefits of this sea salt, we need to continue to educate consumers about the importance of unrefined, pure and natural sea salt vs. table salt laden with chemicals and non-caking agents. So important!


‏ hours ago 9 Health Benefits of Sun Gazing by…--legit wont do these, will burn your retinas

Some friendly tips on how to improve your health! Take a cold shower.

Some friendly tips on how to improve your health! Take a cold shower. - I hate hot showers

Benefits of Coconut Oil and there are so many more benefits than what is listed.

Benefits of Coconut Oil. Not only is coconut oil a good superfood but it has multiple uses! LOVE me some coco oil!