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Being a bit of a Trumper myself, I have always liked these birds!

Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) It was a dark day, so nothing like as crisp as I'd like, but good enough I feel. I am lusting after a Canon lens at the moment and it's grinding me down.

Simple and beautiful · Beautiful Photo!

composition: simplicity: i love how simple all of this is because it really makes the swan stand out

Recent work by fashion and beauty photographer David Benoliel.  More beauty photography via Behance

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The use of dark color in contrast with the girl's pale skin adds in the idea of a "floating head" and draws immediate attention to the upper third.

Swan Mirror!~  There were swans that flew from Russia to my mission area in northern Japan (Morioka) to live during the winter.  They would fly back and forth between a lake and a river over my apartment every morning and evening.

Beautiful swan and it's reflection---ok that's not a reflection it's a mirror image, but i like the editing idea

We come in all shapes and sizes to this Earth. Skin and bone, round and full. It is all beautiful.                                                                                                                                                      Plus

Ashley Ellis , Principal dancer with Boston Ballet Ballet. Bella Figura by Jiří Kylián, costume design by Joke Visser. Hair and makeup by Juliet Jane.

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Cisne- "Swans have one partner their entire lives. If one partner dies, the other can pass away from a broken heart.

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❤️️Swans ~ Photography: Winter Swan, by Edwin van Nuil.