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Book Having voyaged to the Otherworld in his quest to find himself, the young wizard Merlin must face fire in many different forms and deal with the possibility of losing his own magical power.

Merlin's Cave in Tintagel: home of the King Arthur legend

Merlin's Cave in Tintagel on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

And this my friends is why Arthur is a better king than Uther

Spoken like a true king. This just proved, if it wasn't already apparent, that Arthur would be a better king, and a better man, than his father.

Merlin calling Arthur out on his BS

Oh Merlin. Poor boy, when will he learn; equality to all BUT Merlin. He shall always be silly, smart, brave, amazing Merlin.

Merlin and Arthur's insults. (Please pardon the brief language.)

Merlin and Arthur's insults towards each other:)<<<and yet, deep down, they love each other. Whether you think it's platonic or not is up to you, but the fact that they do is clear as day to me.

Wow, okay thanks for that. Didn't need my heart anyways. Thanks.

Arthur please come back to us every time someone mentions Arthur dying and merlin never being shown I literally cry. This is so true, Arthur is a friend and we went through everything with him. Why did he have to die?

Arthur Pendragon aka..LOVE IT!! i was casually reading them all and then...

Princess by Gwaine XD. I think I like dollop-head or turnip-head idk