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Um, because we all know his secret identidity?  Bruce.  Robert the Bruce. :P Who learned perseverance from Arachnus deathichus. :D

Oh my gosh, Tony Stark is picking Batman. (I know there's one person out there who will understand the significance of this, lol)

Why the Joker is one of the most messed up villains of all time. - 9GAG

Why the Joker is one of the most f**ked up villains of all time.

One villain Marvel will NEVER be able to top. The Joker is a villain that can never be beaten by anything Marvel can come up with he is now and forever will be the worst villain ever

Barber I lost it at Red Skull/Magneto. And Daredevil is now Batman. I'm just sayin'.

That ain't funny but funny

Extend Your Batman Day Celebration with the Best Batman Memes~soooo creepy