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Kim Jung Un, Dennis Rodman and the tallest man in North Korea

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12 Unbelievable Animal Photos That Are Not Photoshopped - animal photos, amazing animal pictures

Its the "Fuck You" frog! When threatened, this frog sticks its middle digits high into the air, in a menacing fuck you type of fashion.

30 Happiest Facts Ever

Mama is here. Photo-Tin Man Lee - Seriously - would you want to mess with a Mama Grizzly Bear? Even male grizzly's know better.

Weekly Inspiration 19

"I've see hundreds of photos of lions that I absolutely love beyond words.the quiet, serene and majestic presence of this lion as he sits among the beauty of wildflowers is perhaps my very favorite!

Barn Through The Weeds - Mother would despair at the unpainted barn and the weeds, but it reminds me of home.

Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie... just two of the adorable animals at breeding centre for little donkeys

July Jack Johnston interacts with micro miniature donkeys Snuggle Pot & Livingstone at Amelia Rise Donkeys center in Yea, Australia, on July Standing less than feet tall, the cuddly animals have been a huge hit with local children.


PHOTOS: 30 Animal Parents With Their Babies Will Make Your Day Better

A baby giraffe and her mother nuzzle each other in their enclosure at The Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo. The baby giraffe was born on August 6 at the zoo. See photos of another baby giraffe born earlier this month in Germany.