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Ii hav no re2ponce two thii2 except maybe thii2 the thiing Ii ju2t 2aiid and am contiinueiing two 2ay Ii need help

Ack, Not the Bucket by The-EverLasting-Ash hahahaha Karkat's face -- dat gamzee tho

Grub homestuck. fuck every thing on the grubs. they are cute

Even grub Karkat is an asshole.>>>are you referring to this comic? Cause that's Sollux and Mituna

Tags: Anime, Camera, Laughing, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert, Jin-nyeh. Did I pin this yet? It doesn't seem to warn me........

Anime Karkat and John.Optimus prime is currently exploding from cuteness.

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something's up with troll hair<<< was that a pun I swear to god<<<idk but I'm just gonna stare and hope it clicks in my brain<<<something's UP

Ok then..

dave and john as parents. I AM DYING! (I don't think I ship this but I might idk wat.) BUT I AM DYINGGGGGGG (davejohn) // serously, Dave as a dad is just the most awesome thing ever