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Bucky or Maddox

Up all night, got demons to fight Inspirational, can't sleep, demons, inner…

Jace's life on Callis was one of hardship and deprivation. When first introduced he, like pretty much all Callisians, is malnourished and his skin is covered in a layer of grim because it's hard to shower when hiding in sewers and abandoned buildings.

"I'm like a rat, or a cockroach. Not only am I hard to kill, but I have a nasty habit of surviving stuff, including getting my head cut off.

Sirius Black| Gryffindor| Best friends James, Remus, Lily, Marlene, Peter, Frank| Girlfriend Marlene McKinnon| Pureblood| Hair Black| Eyes Blue| Patronus Dog

Sirius in the Three Broomsticks after a full moon. Madame Rosmerta wasn't to keen on some school boys staying at her bar especially not during school. Still she would always let the Marauders stay, maybe because she has grown a little bit fond of them.

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Now I make men tremble on their feet and angels drop like flies.