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Visualization of possible exterior / Persson Pixels
Plokstine Missile Base, Lithuania. Constructed started in September 1960 and was the first nuclear base of the Soviet Union. In 2012, after reconstruction, the Cold War Museum opened in it's place.
Conscientious objectors in Wakefield jail. The online archive is to mark Conscientious Objectors Day
Oldenburger Wallmuseum
Berlin's rebuilt Prussian palace to address long-ignored colonial atrocities
Villa Schoeningen - Cold War Museum in Potsdam, Germany
I cracked Hitler’s personal code. On 23 August 2012 Nancy Jackson, a member of Blind Veterans UK, returned to Bletchley Park for the first time since she left in 1945 as Wren Petty Officer Nancy Atkins. Sixty seven years later, Nancy made a shocking discovery.    Nancy said: “It was quite incredible to find out that I worked on the Lorenz Code and not the Enigma C  ode. I had no idea until today that those messages were from Hitler & that we were working to crack the highest level code"