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Small ball python with a small clutch.

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These Circus Elephants Were Reunited 25 years Later At An Elephant Sanctuary. Their Story Is Moving love animals amazing elephant story animal interesting wild life elephants facts stories heart warming

Stripes on stripes

My little guy Ike has different markings but i love these lizards! Leopard gecko on rainbow slate ~ photo by Bob Jensen

This Big Cat Pictures Deserve To Be At a   Mewseum

Funny pictures about This Big Cat Pictures Deserve To Be At a Mewseum. Oh, and cool pics about This Big Cat Pictures Deserve To Be At a Mewseum. Also, This Big Cat Pictures Deserve To Be At a Mewseum photos.

Philippine sailfin lizard - the males have the sails, and become violet/blue as they grow older.

The Sailfin Dragon, a living dinosaur.

The Philippine Sailfin Dragon (Hydrosaurus pustulatus) the ultra rare Dragon lizard sometimes come in magenta or indigo color.

They call it an armadillo girdled lizard, but it clearly is a baby dragon.

ARMADILLO GIRDLED LIZARD (Cordylus Cataphractus) ©Trevor Hardaker The Armadillo Lizard is a lizard endemic to desert areas of southern Africa. The natural habitat of this lizard is scrub and rocky outcrops. It is diurnal. It hides in rock cracks and.

Caption: Four-horned chameleon (Chamaeleo quadricornis) male perching on a branch. The males of this species have between two and six horns and brightly coloured patches of skin. Four-horned chameleons, also known as Cameroon bearded chameleons, are found in the mountainous forests of Cameroon and Nigeria. They feed on large insects, such as moths, butterflies, worms as well as larvae. They can reach up to 40 centimetres in length. Credit: DAVID AUBREY/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY  via Rosalia…

Four-Horned Chameleon a. Cameroon Bearded Chameleon, Chamaeleo quadricornis, male - Mountainous Forests of Cameroon and Nigeria

Frilled Lizard...does anybody else look at this thing and just think of that scene in Jurassic Park where Newman got eaten??

Photograph by Anders Zimny, My Shot A frilled lizard in its defense posture during a 2010 field trip to Cape York, Australia - Looks like the lizards that attacked Dennis in JURASSIC Park.

Gardens have many perks... the surprises they draw to them...like the life they attract.  Carol

Superb Nature - lovenaturewildlife: Beauty of Nature & Wildlife.

colorssss [I wonder whether this is real, or just someone's art project. Either way, it's beautiful!]

Another of the amazing color combinations in nature. This Iguana is being photographed in ultra-violet light and "glows-in-the-dark".

Catch a fish

Up Close And Personal With Nature

A grizzly bear catching a sockeye salmon // Deadliest Catch by Stephen Oachs

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Brown Basilisk or Striped Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus; in some areas referred to as "common basilisk") is one species of basilisk lizard. Photo by Jim Hoffman