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Forgotten art on the wall of a dying building, located on an abandoned island in New York City's harbor

North Brother Is An Abandoned New York Island Nobody Knows About

Insiders Look At New York City’s Mysterious Abandoned North Brother Island

NEach dormitory room inside the nurses' building contained a small sink and shelving unitorth Brother Island

Inside the lost island of New York: Eerie pictures of the abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx

A 30-Photo Tour of the Abandoned North Brother Island - Curbed NY

A 30-Photo Tour of the Abandoned North Brother Island

Inside the TB pavilion. North Brother Island, East River, NYC, New York. The piece of land once housed a quarantine hospital for TB and more.

xray machine Brother Island

Abandoned Island in the Middle of NYC

Operating room, Tuberculosis Pavilion: The newest building on the island, the TB pavilion was built to feature medical facilities that were state-of-the-art in 1939; the island was then abandoned for the first time, and it was never used

Banished from New York for 30 years: The eerie photos of North Brother Island in the East River - where 'Typhoid Mary' was forced to live in isolation as the nation's first 'healthy carrier' of the disease

Operating room, Tuberculosis Pavilion: New York's abandoned North Brother Island Hospital

North Brother Island

Fotos incríveis da ilha abandonada em Nova Iorque

North Brother Island, NYC YouTube

Abandon building on North Brother Island.