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The feels... TOO MUCH

Screw 'pain demands to be felt'! I'm going to handle these feels with Cheese Puffs and tears

omg nooooooo

I'm pretty sure that this was an intentional thing done by John Green. Most of these epiphanies that us fangirls have are not really intended by authors, but I have a feeling that this one is. OH I DARE!

Joshua Anthony

Joshua Anthony Brand to play Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars the movie. I think Ansel will do it Okay as well

I dislike living in a world without Augustus Waters.

It literally broke my heart. I don't have a "books" board so my TFIOS pins are going on movies

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The Fault In Our Stars I will bawl my eyes out again if i have to after reading this or any quote from Augustus Waters!

The fact that Ansel is playing in two of these great movies is just ahhh. And look at him. AH. This is how he found out he got the part in TFIOS #perfection

The story of how Ansel Elgort got to know he got the part of Augustus Waters in 'TFIOS Movie' aka the cutest story ever if u read the book u would understand

But that wasn't the sad part, it was too blunt and expected. The sad part was thE FREAKING PRE FUNERAL

TFIOS<<<<< friends don't say thing like that, it should be "person" not "friend." friends fangirl with you and cry with you.

"Welcome to the sweet torture of reading 'An Imperial Affliction'." - Hazel Grace Lancaster

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Augustus Waters- Speaking the minds of fangirls since he's not speaking anyone's mind anymore

Sadly true

waiting until a real life AUGUSTUS WATERS is born❤️the fault in our stars definition of boyfriend

Dr. Reid :)-Haha love him, he would totally say something like this.

Criminal Minds: i just gave the bartender my number in roman numerals. oh spencer reid


****Spoilers*** 12 Times Augustus Waters Made You Go Aww During The Fault In Our Stars Movie

reading john green.....

The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska etc.<----TFIOS is the first John Green book I've read. I'm excited to read more.