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Applejack Rarity Fluttershy Twilight

Applejack Rarity Spike Fluttershy Sunset Twilight Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Power - Eq Girls and Pony

Applejack as Dazzlings by MixiePie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Appleblack, likes to play video games, hanging out with her sister Applejack, and watching movies.


Sarah Kay, Babys, Fabric Painting, Bricolage, Diapers, Licence Plates, Handmade Crafts, Baby Dolls, Log Projects

Hey there my Creepy Cupcakes, I've been working on this image for a while now, about 2 week's. Both AU characters where designed by me so I hope you like them, I do.

my little pony princess luna and celestia - Google Search

My# little# pony# princess# celestia# princess# luna# princess# cadence.

Sunset Shimmer Legend of Everfree by MLGSkittles.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Original Vector by ImperfectXIII Sunset Shimmer Legend of Everfree