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We do this every year… and it’s always a huge mess. one year my son kept cutting gun shapes and went around and shot us… but this year I thought we could try some patterns… first: I wanted to show you how I fold my paper to cut snowflakes…. square looks best so always cut your …

kid craft monday (snowflakes

Happy City Birds project - 250 birdhouses are built out of recycled materials and placed across four cities around Denmark. By Thomas Winther.

Happy Birdhouses Installed in Cities Worldwide

Snowflakes Supplies:    cardstock paper (must use a thick type paper like cardstock)  paper cutter, scissors  pens, pencils or markers  stapler  ribbon, string or thread  low adhesive tape  hole punch or other embellishments for the center  glue  1. Cut your paper into 1/2″ x 6″ strips. Cut 6 strips.

With only a few pieces of paper, decorate your home with these twirly paper snowflakes from Simply Modern Mom. The unique spin gives the snowflakes a feel that looks great when hung from the ceiling. Create many for a paper snowstorm!


Happy Handmade

Toilet Roll Unicorns - add wings to make Pegasus! such an engaging TP Roll craft for girls, sure to ignite hours of fantasy pretend play :) The Craft Train

Paper Cup Party Hats - you could also attach them to head bands

Felt Mask Embroidery Design DIY Party Hats: Start with paper cups, poke holes on the side for stringing ribbon through, and adorn with stickers and embellishments.