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oh how i love Lilo and Stitch :) this was me and my sister two minutes ago I'm 12 and she's 18 :)

lilo and stitch funny | lilo ans stitch | Tumblr

Somehow, though, he still managed to be the cutest Disney animal of all time. "Lilo And Stitch" Was The Most REAL Disney Movie Of All Time

Disney GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Smile | Silly | Oh My Disney - Elvis Stitch

Disney GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Smile

You won't be able to get through these Disney GIFs without showing those pearly whites.

Yassss !!!

i would like to take a moment to thank nani pelekai for being one of the first disney women to ever look like an actual human being.

Stitch as Elvis

Disney 30 Day Challenge Day 1 Favorite movie: It is extremely hard for me to choose a doc route movie but I have always loved Lilo and Stitch!