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Jill Phipps

Jill Phipps - animal rights activist who was crushed to death in Baginton, Warwickshire, England by a lorry transporting live veal calves

Veganism Against Fascism

Veganism Against Fascism

MEAT INDUSTRY LIES  img_3004_meat-industry-lies-ag-gaga-bill-film-animal-cruelty-at-factory-farms-felony-mfa-peta-hsus.jpg

MEAT INDUSTRY LIES The meat YOU consume was a living being that lived its life pumped full of hormones, was kept in a cage and died with little care or respect. If you want to eat meat then kill it yourself!

Corporate Conglomerate

These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy: ". most products we buy are controlled by just a few companies. It's called "The Illusion of Choice. Despite a wide array of brands to choose from, it all comes back to the big guys.

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Saw this tonight: I had three handkerchiefs but needed four.

Saw this tonight: I had three handkerchiefs but needed four.