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Reliance JioFi – Portable 4G Pocket WiFi Router & Hotspot in India

Reliance Jiofi 2 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (Powered by LYF) Device Launched

Biometrics Can Be Hacked Like Passwords - http://movietvtechgeeks.com/biometrics-can-be-hacked-like-passwords/-We see in the movies how fingerprints get bypassed by both spies and thieves by extracting them from somewhere touched by their target. That suggests that fingerprints aren’t easily hacked as passwords.

Biometrics Can Be Hacked Like Passwords

On a cloudy, moonless night somewhere in northeastern China, three men creep through a stand of Japanese Clethra trees. They carry no flashlights, and the sky is so dark that they hear the sound of the rushing Tumen River before they see it: They’ve arrived at the North Korean border. Earlier in the evening at…

The Plot to Free North Korea With Smuggled Episodes of ‘Friends’

Kang Chol-hwan’s goal, as wildly optimistic as it may sound, is nothing less than the overthrow of the North Korean government.

Facebook requires its users to use a profile name that’s the same as the name they use in real life. But some indigenous people say Facebook is rejecting their real names because they don’t conform to their standards. I LOATHE Facebook.

Facebook flags aboriginal names as not 'authentic'

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk talks at the Automotive World News Congress at the Renaissance Center in Detroit

En un tweet signé Elon Musk, Tesla prend un milliard en bourse

Les 37 projets d’Elon Musk contre les dangers de l’intelligence artificielle

Existen ciertas reglas de Internet que no están escritas, pero que son buenas prácticas que generan una buena reputación. Sin más rodeo, veamos algunas de ellas: Si utiliza datos de algún sitio o persona como referencia o cita, inserte una liga al sitio del cual obtuvo los datos. Lo correcto es dar crédito a quien se lo merece y sus lectores se lo ...

Dangerous waves of malware are transforming cyberspace in a jungle

Google Webmaster Tools: État de l’indexation

Google Webmaster Tools: État de l’indexation

Avec Zocalo, Amazon veut rivaliser avec Google Drive et Dropbox

Avec Zocalo, Amazon veut rivaliser avec Google Drive et Dropbox

Service En Ligne, Google Drive, Distance, Set