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Gods of Hawaii: B'ngudja - Tiger Shark God. Namaka - The sea goddess & a water spirit. Kanaloa - God of the Underworld and a teacher of magic. Pele - Goddess of volcanoes. Haumea - Goddess of fertility. Kane - The god of procreation and was the leading god of the great gods. Papa - Creator goddess. Lono - God of fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and also peace. Poliahu - The ice goddess. Ku - The god of war and the husband of the goddess Hina. Whiro - The lord of darkness.

Classification: Gods (Extra-Dimensionals/Immortals) Location/Base of Operations: Celestial Hawaiki (Polynesian Heaven) Known Members: B’ngudja (god of sharks), Haumea (goddess of childbirth),…

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Tuatha Da Danaan (Celtic Gods)

Celtic Gods: Cernunnos - God of Fertility, Life, Animals, Wealth, and the…