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Alaska wild "berries" from the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge, a mixture of true berries and aggregate fruits

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moon-sylph: “araknesharem: “ (by janet little) ” ☽ ⁎ ˚ * ☀ Transylvanian forest ✵ ⁎ * ☾ ”

6 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods

6 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods

6 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods--To reduce your risk of cancer, look no further than your fridge. "All the studies on cancer and nutrition point to eating plant-based foods for their phytonutrients and other special compounds,"

brazilwonders:  Cacau

history of chocolate; the world atlas of chocolate. a cool picture of cocoa pods in rows together. showing the different colors of the cocoa beans

Top 7 Tips For A Healthy Renal Diet #renal_diet #kidney_health

Smart Shopping Tips for Small Households. Save money and quit wasting food!(How To Make Friends And Influence People)

Go Forth and Be Fruitful: Advice for Growing Raspberries #pavelife #garden #fruit

How to Plant Raspberries

Go Forth and Be Fruitful: Advice for Growing Raspberries. the kids keep asking to grow raspberries, will have to check this out!

salcedo mangosteen by chotda, via Flickr

Mangosteen - always eaten with durian. Durian is said to be 'heaty' and mangosteen is said to 'cooling'. Is that why mangosteen is often called the Queen of Fruit?

Turmeric: Dosage & Method     How:  always with some fat or oil as it is lipophilic (oil soluble).  I use coconut oil. How much:  For adults the official recommendation is up to 1.5 g. daily which will be about one very slightly rounded teaspoon which can be divided over two to three doses daily.  Therapeutic doses are considered to [...]

Turmeric: The Best Dosage and Method For Your Health Issue

Turmeric has proven itself more to be more than just effective in cooking, but as a natural pain reliever as well! Turmeric has been proven recently in a study to beat ibuprofen for arthritis of the knee!

Artisan salt, according to Mark Bitterman. The description of kosher salt is fabulous.  Great to know if you are a cook.

Artisan varieties make plain table salt a four-letter word


Heather - harvest when flowering. Bringer of luck and youthful outlook. Also use when meeting new people and hoping for friendship and easy integration. In Ogham tree law, heather rules the summer solstice - June