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Symbology mission. Our summer line just in: symbologyclothing... #symbologyclothing #ss13 #fashionabetterworld #makingfairtradesexy #fairtrade

Our summer line just in: symbologyclothing.

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Trading & Currency infographic & data Boundless Fair Trade Infographic (for my fellow nerds). Infographic Description Boundless Fair Trade Infographic (f

This diagram is a good overview of the case study I read on Fair Trade Coffee this week. As I discuss in my comparable projects report as well, the study focused a lot on the various sustainable aspects of fair trade coffee and how they all relate; Economic Development, Social Development and Environmental Development.

Designer Sam Wisneski looked at global coffee production, fair trade benefits and some principles of fair trade.

(In article, it lists companies who do not practice this) Child slavery keeps costs down, which allows major corporations to keep their chocolate cheap. Not only does it cost more to pay laborers a fair wage, but the cost of monitoring the extensive supply chains of global corporations would be significant.

Chocolate and Child Slavery: Say No to Human Trafficking this Holiday Season

Cacoa Slavery, the dark side of chocolate. Human trafficking and child slave labour is a sad reality for much of this business. Please make sure your treats are ethically sourced under a fair trade agreement.

Selling children for cheap labour is never fair! Fair trade forbids the use of child labour and encourages the use of premiums for improving access to education.

Exploited Labour Ads

World Vision Child Slavery; my family sponsors a child through World Vision and it is such an honor to be able to provide for him and watch him grow.

Fair Trade is not an act of charity, but a radical movement that challenges conventional trade practices #fairtrade

Fair Trade is not an act of charity, but a radical movement that challenges conventional trade practices that demean human life!

The 9 Fair Trade Federation Principles!

The 9 Fair Trade Federation Principles! Buying Fairtrade is one way consumers can help end human trafficking.

2014 Fair Trade Stores & Cafes from the Fair Trade Federation

Stores & Cafes Guide 2014

Find a Fair Trade Federation member store or cafe in your neighborhood. Fair Trade Federation members are fully fair trade businesses dedicated to the people who make our products.