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My mother raised me with morals. I was raised in a strict household, no underage drinking, no whoring around. Respect others. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Unfortunatly not all mothers or fathers teach there children the basics of respect.

Live Life Happy: Sometimes you gotta remember, everyone wasn’t raised like you. – Unknown The post Sometimes You Gotta Remember appeared first on Live Life Happy.

“It is [a] mother’s influence during the crucial formative years that forms a child’s basic character. Home is the place where a child learns faith, feels love, and thereby learns from [their] mother’s [good] example to choose righteousness. How vital are [a] mother’s influence and teaching in the home—and how apparent when neglected!” –Ezra T. Benson

Gordon B Hinckley quote "women who make a house a HOME make a far greater contribution to society than those who command large armies or stand at the head of .


Wayne Dyer quote about soul - "If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.

True leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.

True leaders create more leaders through their actions, behaviors, and communication! Along with many other leadership qualities!


In my I kept hearing frm my frnds & fam: "why do u buy all these expensive ORGANIC food & drinks? they're probably not all that much healthier. Well, I'm proud to say I'm healthier & much younger looking than my age.

During my time as a senior, I have thought a lot about how many life lessons I have discovered and grown from here during my time in coll

The Sky Is Not Falling

mostly right on point, although most people deny the theories bc they're not ready to face the truth