DIY Cardboard furniture That doesn't look like it's made from cardboard! We've had some great posts on cardboard furniture you can buy that doesn't LOOK like cardboard, but most DIY options resemble the brown recyclable stuff.

Are these libraries in-vogue? Absolutely, pun-intended.

The Best Libraries in

Ideal for those dreaming of their own bookshop, these wall-lined bookcases are the quintessence of chic, adding the “door” shelves really finishes it off in style—just make sure you have the books to complete the look!

I worked at a publishing house in Philadelphia that had a hidden "library shelf" door. It was great fun to astonish visitors by disappearing when they turned to inquire of the receptionist.

leave me there... just leave me!

Metten abbey library (Germany) Photo: Helga Schmidt-Glassner ~Spaces for Books~

Custom made desk corner in a Custom made library by Jim Cardon

40 Ideas Of How To Organize A Library At Home

Built-In Desk that maybe slides in and out. This in a library would be a fantastic way to find extra temporary study space

Candelaria Design

A classic Candelaria Design - Treken Interiors library adorns this Rural Mediterranean Estate in North Scottsdale built by Schultz Development.


sculpture on the outside walls of the Community Library in Monzuno, Italy, leaves leaf

Concrete Architectural Associates | House of Concrete

Two sided book case if we want to make the stair side books, leaving the other wall for the sofa. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year in Concrete

Lights, camera.....Read!

Many people like the idea to use shelves and bookcases as a stand for interior needs. Used solid wood bookcases with glass doors have many functions today.