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Laundry Day by Eric Bowman Oil ~ 24 x 30

Laundry Day by Eric Bowman Oil 24 x 30

Christian Hook

Christian Hook on

Jylian's Sketchbook

The comments war on the original pin is pretty entertaining too. If you think this is porn, you should probably re-evaluate because I think you're the one with a dirty mind.

Honorable mention: Artistic Excellence 2012 | Eric Bowman on http://www.southwestart.com

Eric Bowman, Iron Maiden, oil, 16 x

Herbert James Gunn Pauline in the yellow dress, 1944

Sir Herbert James Gunn — Pauline in the Yellow Dress, 1944 : Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, Lancashire.

Admission Day Nikolai Bogdanov-Belski (1868 - 1945, Russian)

Nikolai Bogdanov-Belski (1868 – 1945, Russian)

ou_linc_pcf41_slide.jpg 359×480 pixels

ou_linc_pcf41_slide.jpg 359×480 pixels

R. Kenton Nelson | "On returning home from being in midtown New York on 9/11, I had the crazy idea to do a 'figurative alphabet'. This was the image I painted… the letter “X”. It went no further…" --RKN

Art by Kenton Nelson -Midnight - Secretary at Work

La jeune fille à l'appareil - Vermeer 2012

Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" selfie

Frank Schoonover (1877–1972) (1877-1972) Title 	  Hopalong Takes Command

Hopalong Takes Command, illustration by Frank Schoonover for the 1905 story “The Fight at Buckskin”.