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Cold winter morning by on @DeviantArt

Cold winter morning by mjagiellicz on deviantART

Cold winter morning by mjagiellicz on deviantART

First photo from 2009 more ( and better ) soon. Really like this warm colors!


Winter time presents exciting photography opportunities . Here are some 30 best winter scene pictures and some useful photography tips to inspire you.

Chosen One by Marc AdamusOne of my discoveries while hiking the remote eastern Owyhee plateau of Oregon was this lone Juniper, at least ten miles in any direction from its nearest brother. A Jack-rabbit passerby seemed to have found interest in it briefly. I photographed it at sunset.

A lonely juniper tree photographed at sunset in the remote Owyhee plateau of eastern Oregon. A Jack-rabbit passerby left tracks in the new snow on its way by. 'Chosen One' photo by Marc Adamus.

Winter wonderland

Austria - Where Time and Space come close to snow bound mountains to touch the sky. Let this beautiful winter wonderland take your breath away.

This bird watching tower is located at the Kiviniemi beach of the Bay of Kempele (Kempeleenlahti) in Oulu...

Winter sunset near the bird watching tower at the Bay of Kempele (Kempeleenlahti), Oulu.

Cycling in Saimaa |

Cycling in Saimaa

Lake Saimaa, Finland- Coating a tremendous zone of square km, Lake Saimaa is the fourth biggest lake in Europe. It’s additionally a standout amongst the most excellent.


Järvi värit Suomen lippu Lake in the colors of the Finnish flag