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Haha thats pretty bad

Nope , can't go to HELL, Satan devil, still has that restraining order against me, Funny Minion Quotes 1

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Jesus is like, "Who do you think you are sleeping in my presents!"<< I hate it when people sleep in my presents, gets the wrapping paper all torn and wrinkled. I think what you meant was 'presence'. <<<ahaha get roasted first person!

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PRICK = "PUNXA" PERÒ VOL DIR CAPOLL O IDIOTA. (slang, vulgar) a nasty or contemptible person = gilip. He is such a prick! I've met some pricks in my time but you sir, are a fucking cactus.

Caneca de cerâmica sublimada, alto brilho, não descasca e não desbota.

DAPs Magic Disney News - PRESS RELEASE In Disney’s “The Muppets,” Animal is enrolled in an anger management class. But, with help from the Muppets, he has achieved personal & artistic balance. Now, Animal

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minion movies, ignorance can be educated and crazy can be medicated but there's no cure for stupid, No cure for stupid funny quotes quote crazy funny quote funny quotes humor minions stupid

Think about it :D

Free and Funny News Ecard: How much dip would a dipshit shit if a dipshit could shit dip

What doesn't kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a really dark sense of humor<well doesn't this just perfectly sum up my life

This Explains It

This Explains It

Now I Know Why Our Generation Is So Sarcastic funny jokes tv shows Makes so much sense!