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Whatever you choose to call this wild cat: cougar, mountain lion, or puma, it is beautiful.

So Sweet mom and baby leopard snuggling up together!  I Love Leopards!!!

Leopard with cub * * CUB: Mom, is everything okey? MOM LEOPARD: " First of all, nothing is really ever 'okey.


It's sad. Only of cheetah cubs in the world make it to adulthood. Help these beautiful animals by donating to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. A whole cheetahs family, adorable.

White Tiger Baby - Great Shot !

Beautiful picture of White Bengal Tiger Cub - just look those adorable blush coloured tips!

Beschrijf je pin...na

Lion family portrait It's like dad is saying "I don't want to say smile"

Magical Nature Tour - White tiger -- [REPINNED by All Creatures Gift Shop]

when I searched winter walk this popped up and was too great not to post! Winter Walk by Tataxa :)