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They gave me what?!

This is one of my favorite jokes of all time. (Excuse the curse word, but the overall thing is funny)

Brozen lol

Brozen << creative people let's go lyrics! Or names and song names but yay!>>no but I would seriously watch this though

Feed it

Feed it

That's actually a pretty accurate way of how it happens

We have a complicated relationship…

Please follow your dream

dreams + ambitions = adventures Don't let any "ducks" tell you what to wear! (I do not support genetic modification of ducks;

My teacher used like 5 of these this year. They kept breaking because they are ancient

me to my 10 year old: "Hailey, what is this?" Her: "A robot?" Hailey: "Some sort of phone charger? Is that the new iPad mini on the top?" "I dunno, some old thing though.

Last one

AAACTUALLY the opposite of office would be onice instead of onfire. The opposite of off is on and the opposite of ice is fire so it's like a double negative XD

I had to read it a couple of times before getting it. Sometimes, it's not a great thing to be a nerd.:

We're all the same way

My first thought when I read the first comment: "What's wrong with that answer?" I still don't get it, so which season of what show. The question meant what season of the year. Misunderstood question, sooo what's the problem?

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My sense of humor is not most people's. I can keep a straight face while everyone else is laughing their faces off and then something stupid will happen and i'll laugh until my cheeks hurt.