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Пряничный набор на крестины Вероники#печенье #пряник #печеньки #пряниксочи…

Пряничный набор на крестины Вероники#печенье #пряник #печеньки #пряниксочи…

Tiffany inspired Baby Cookies

Galletas - Cookies - TIffany Inspired Decorated Baby Cookies - One Dozen Decorated Sugar Cookies - Perfect for Baby Showers

Happy New Baby!     http://www.bellasucre.com/

Baby shower cookies - baby carriage, baby bottle, onesie, rattle and gift boxes

At the end of 2009 I was thinking back to all the baking I’d done that year and trying to figure out about how many decorated sugar cookies I had made.  I came up with an estimate of around 500.  That’s 500 cookies cutout, baked, and decorated by hand, by me (in a relatively small kitchen).  …

Decorating Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing