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Fragments.: For D. B. Nihalsinghe: A Tribute

Veteran Film Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Producer D. Nihalsinghe has passed away at the age of a family member told Ada Derana. Nihalsinghe was noted for his versatility: as a Film Cameraman, as a film director, as a … Continue reading →

Fragments.: A Brief Tribute to Irangani Serasinghe

It is difficult to devote one book, let alone one essay, to someone of Irangani Serasinghe’s calibre. This isn’t a clichéd statement.

Fragments.: By way of tribute to Tony Ranasinghe

As I kid I didn’t watch movies because of their directors. I watched them because of their actors. A good movie had a good cast, I reason.

Fragments.: A tribute to Titus Thotawatte

The eighties was a tumultuous decade for reasons we still haven’t come to terms with. For the lack of a better way of putting it, everyth.

Leslie Flint - Famous medium who had an extraordinary ability called "direct voice".

Leslie Flint - Famous medium who had an extraordinary ability called "direct voice".

Music From The Beyond  The True Story Of Rosemary Brown And her Musical Spirit Compositions

Rosemary Brown - The True Story of the Amazing Ghostly Composers

Rosemary Brown Psychic Medium And her Musical Compositions From The Spirit World! Listen to her amazing music that she claims comes from beyond this world!

Fragments.: M. S. H. Mohomed is our hero

A man called M. Mohomed wanted his son, diagnosed with a cancerous condition called osteosarcoma, cur.

Gamini Fonseka - Most talented actor in Srilanka

There are stars who fade and those who don’t. There are also those whose names are so etched in our collective memory, that to lose th.

Fragments.: And the voter dies for the voted (again)

And the voter dies for the voted (again)

Fragments.: The identity blues of the SLFP

In the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) obtained 144 seats and a parliamentary majority. There were those who voiced con.