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[STARCAST] B.A.P’s Zelo....they grow so fast :')

[STARCAST] B.P’s Zelo came back with abs! I'm fangirling over here! I might die!<<<< This kid needs to be stopped or he will kill us all with his sexyness!

It looks like papa Yongguk is watching baby Zelo...<-----It does look like that!

B.A.P대현 on

Zelo is so fucking tall but I would still find a way to kiss him on his lips

what are you staring zelo? ㅎㅎ #zelo #junhong #choijunhong #bap

what are you staring zelo? ㅎㅎ #zelo #junhong #choijunhong #bap

[ byzelo ]

[IG update] This baby boy turned 20 internationally!

(it's B.A.P!)

I am literally so in love with his nose piercing it's not even funny!