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Creepy unicorn head! Lol #LCMS NYG

Creepy unicorn head! Lol #LCMS NYG

one of my most favorite updates to the desk was the addition of a bright pink unicorn hook. Every girl should have a pink unicorn in their space right?

Pink Unicorn Hook - Great for Hanging Headphones at a Workspace - Decor DIY


Jungkook and Yugyeom. the shy but agonizingly sexy maknaes.

I wish puberty took you to a customize your character screen // Do you realize how many people would be dragons // you say this like it's a bad thing.

sʜᴇ·s ᴜɴʀᴇᴀᴅᴀʙʟᴇ ʙᴄ sʜᴇ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ·ᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ✧

Just because I'm having a bad day doesn't mean I didn't take my medicine

And being on my meds doesn't mean I never have bad days. People don't understand once I'm on my meds I'm not 'cured'. I still have to fight through bad times and I still have Depression - although its a lot less & much more stable on my meds.

Yeah, I want to hear the conversation that preceded this picture.

Don't worry mom

"Mom was worried about my trip to Detroit, I sent her this picture." oh Detroit