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Lisianthus D Minuet Dark Purple

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Lisianthus D Rosita Green

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Blue/Violet: Even the slightest hint of blue will infuse a bouquet with a breath of sea or sky. Violet is a cool, calming color that mixes beautifully with pinks and whites.


Purple Haze Rose ~ 20 Seeds ~ Rare ~ Free Shipping ~ USA Seller

20 Osiria Purple Rose Seeds, Rare Exotic purple and White Rose Seeds flowers

Soft Color Roses

Color Study of Lavender and Purple Roses by Harvest Roses - want them on my wedding bouquet!

Lisianthus D Cessna Green

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Antirrhinum Antibes Magenta

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Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled: Vintage Tea, Spice, & Biscuit Tins

Vintage tea tins are not only lovely to display in your home, theyre perfect for wedding centerpieces. Here are a few photos of vintage tea tin centerpieces to get you inspired: