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This is so funny, but I would have put the homewreckers picture up there along with the bastard cheating (soon to be ex) husband.

hair color billboard (this is for all my hairdresser friends) pretty cool way to advertise

Koleston natural hair ad

Funny pictures about Koleston natural hair ad. Oh, and cool pics about Koleston natural hair ad. Also, Koleston natural hair ad photos.

Guerilla Marketing IBM. Make people notice you

Out of home really allows advertisers to stand out! I would l love to pick the mind of this creative team.


Seeing as this is blocks from my childhood home, I would like to clarify that the playground is NOWHERE near the sewage treatment plant. In fact, the plant isn't even pictured. Still, a naming fail on the part of the City of Toronto ;

Darn, i was gonna totally build a nuclear bomb out of itunes.. But this agreement stopped me. Lol!

The Best Funny Pictures GIF and MEMES about iTunes terms and agreement. Best MEME and GIFS about iTunes terms and agreement and Funny Pictures

macdonald street // Anyone thinking of Zevs? We are!

This is a new way to display a advertisement. It is a very creative way to display a McDonald's ad. The ad is in the shape of French fries that serves as a crosswalk. It is a multi function ad.

FAIL  very bad sign design . Don't want to tap that to get my Maple Syrup, do you?

16 Signs That Suffer From Unbelievably Crappy Designs - CollegeHumor Australia

This is exactly how my circadian rhythm is set up

this was my life before having a kid! Oh the joys of being a night person. And it takes months to get on a normal sleep schedule, but just one day of going to bed late and you fall right back into being awake all night! Story of my life.

not sure which are funnier... typo's or auto correct? ;)

not sure which are funnier. typo's or auto correct?

Hell hath no fury like your kid catching you throwing away anything, EVER. I smuggle out broken crayons like a mexican drug lord.

Hell hath no fury like your kid catching you throwing away anything, EVER. I smuggle out broken crayons like a drug lord. my daughter

Cannot be un-seen lol

I didn't before, but now I can't see anything else, damn it! Some things you just can't unsee!