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Courtesy of Artem Smirnov + Vladimir Panchenko

Courtesy of Artem Smirnov + Vladimir Panchenko

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Another nice-looking and desirable truck concept design. The DAF Concept Citros

Most people probably wouldn't want to live in a garbage truck, but then again most garbage trucks don't have the amenities this one does. Unicat Amerigo - which bills its models as the ultimate family Expedition Vehicle - are so huge that despite being built as exploration vehicles they're often mistaken for garbage trucks in photos. The vehicles are so rugged they were chosen by Jalopnik as one of the best places you could ride out a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies Would Destroy Anything in Their Path, Unless They Come Across This Monster

Intersection magazine, issue 35

Details about Intersection magazine's issue on Magpile, the online reference to the world of magazines.