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Unique Phone Booths in São Paulo, Brazil.

100 Artists Uniquely Design Phone Booths in So Paulo

Though largely rendered practically redundant due to the the efficiency of modern-day envelope adhesives, old-fashioned wax seals remain a favorite way to add a touch of antique class to a letter or paper scroll. If you don't have any sealing wax on hand, crayons are a preferable alternative to candle wax as they have a high enough concentration of...

How to Use Crayons in Glue Guns for Wax Seals

How to Use Crayons in Glue Guns for Wax Seals -- I want to have a separate glue gun for each color, but that would be a lot of money for a little-used thing. So, I'll settle for hot glue gun for crayons only.

Engineering Students Can do Any thing !! | xampfeed.com

Holy mother of God, check out the giant snow wall swallowing Buffalo. This person knows how to make things work!