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Time Lord Academy. Looking into the Untempered Schism since 1963

Time Lord Academy by Arinesart - Get Free Worldwide Shipping! This neat design is available on comfy T-shirt (including oversized shirts up to ladies fit and kids shirts), sweatshirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more.

Roses  Red - coincidence? There're no coincidences in Doctor Who...  WHAT IF CLARA IS TEN2 AND ROSE'S DAUGHTER WHICH IS WHY SHE KEEPS COMING BACK. Due to being 1/4 Time Lord her spirit regenerates while keeping the same body.   OHMYGOLLYJEEPERS.

I LOVE CLARA THEORIES! Roses and red-coincidence? I believe there are no coincidences in Doctor Who.what if Clara is Ten's and Roses daughter, and being one-fourth Time Lord, she regenerates in spirit but keeps the same body?

"I love you. Rose Tyler, I-" This gets me every time. #doctor_who #rose_tyler #doomsday

Rose Tyler, I-" *Gasps, "Nooooooooooooo!" Cries a million tears and watches the doctor emotionally let go, and watches Rose have her heart broken for the millionth time. Cries a million more tears looking very pathetic.

Doctor Who

Not gonna lie. That was the first time I felt afraid of the Doctor. This episode was so deep! << Not the first time I was afraid of the Doctor. First time I was afraid of the Tenth Doctor, maybe.

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does. <<-- ksc The same here. If you never did you have no heart ☺♥♥ @gsparrowhawk1

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does <-- this probably was the most beautiful episode of Doctor Who ever. This scene is so powerful. I really wish Van Gogh would have known.

I don't like the "keep calm" memes, but this one made me laugh

Doo wee ooh “ … admit it, you sang the theme song to yourself!

Resultado de imagen para typography tumblr

Typography Poster Tutorial “ One of my favourite types of things to create on photoshop has to be typography posters. I’ll be teaching you to make something like this - This tutorial doesn’t.

I LOVE THIS. All of Time and Space by alicexz on Deviant art// I like how the bright space colours define the shape of the tardis

That's River Song. She knows everything about everyone. That's why her hair's so big. It's full of spoilers.

That River Song. Her hair is full of Spoilers Mean girls/Doctor Who mashup

Oh, absolutely!! Hogwarts houses in Circular Gallifreyan!!

The Four Hogwarts Houses in Gallifreyan. Oh My Goodness Harry Potter AND Doctor Who. I love how Hufflepuff looks like an awkward smiley face. It's so fitting.