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How to Manage Your Time

Do you find yourself teetering daily on the edge of being overcommitted, stressed out and burned out? Entrepreneurs all over the world struggle with these symptoms as well.

If you've ever struggled with time managment or getting things done, you cannot miss this post!  Such great tips plus a free printable workbook that walks you through all five steps.

Filling the Time Jar

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In her two-hour talk, Julie Morgenstern covers her 6 main time management tools, interspersed with insightful listener Q and A. Here are the 6 tools.

Time With Thea - Organizing, Simplifying and Beautifying Your Life! timewiththea.com

Organizing Tips For A Successful Back To School – Part 2 ~ Time With Thea

Declutter, declutter, declutter. It's time to organize your life. - http://www.levo.com

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See how NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, a huge space observatory, will probe the universe from its perch in deep space.

While NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will be capable of finding signs of life on nearby exoplanets after its 2018 launch, a bona fide hunt for aliens beyond Earth's neighborhood will require even bigger instruments, experts say.