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BTS 'GIF' MEMES - -aishhh- Hobi. [especial Hoseok]

Viết cap từng hình một làm mình cạn mứt xòiii =3=

Jhope's Mama is legit a gift, it's the reason why he's my bias wrecker. He actually has good vocals too, as if he could be considered a vocalist too

♡Hobi♡ My love, BTS J-Hope   ....photo credit to owner

♡Hobi♡ My love, BTS J-Hope .photo credit to owner



we are bulletproof!

you're lying if you say he doesn't resemble the sun Jung Hoseok

Stop being hot                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'm sorry for the jhope spam. but not really lololol

J-Hope ❤ Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Concert