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Yes! A million times yes! I was SOBBING.

It did say a lot of my insecurities that's why I love that song for example one of them "is you never want to know how much you weigh you still love to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me " ~ one direction "little things"

Oh my god this is just so you cute I can't even handle it<3 Niall Horan my baby Nialler One Direction

Lol if I saw a mini me doll I would scream then argue with it and then start fighting it lol

Then we would cry realizing that girls get separated from guys.

or we could all combine our money (which is like NONE LOL) and see if we have enough to bail them out. If we don't, THEENNN we commit the crime

Niall still isn't tall enough

Niall still isn't tall enough


so guys whats your favorite songs off of four? i absolutely love stockholm syndrome.


Zayn: Of course I would be you Harry, because I would like to know what it would be like to have such luscious, curly hair :)

They understand me so much. But it's also the same with 5sos. I annoyed my dad in the car the other day just by saying the names of the people singing. I made him listen to them and then I made him also listen to me saying their names.

They totally get me! Now it's real easy to tell who's singing now :)

1D facts:) I LOVE the one about Niall taking out his ear piece. And when Niall's mum said that!!!! Hahaha i can TOTALLY imagine it!!! (Yes, Im american, but it didn't feel right using an irish name like Niall and then saying mom right after. You've gotta say mum)

I love these boys so much<< Man I love them << i knew i picked the right band