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True Words

After working retail you learn that the customer's always wrong and a complete asshole.

"Fuck it"-my final thoughts before making most decisions. //Words to Live By - Max Raven @maxraven

Fuck it is one of the words I use the Most ! "Fuck It" Sound like my decision making sometimes.

subway floor art...I would feel compelled to walk in the footsteps. This is in a Korean subway and is an ad for HEAD's barefoot range of sports shoes—'they feel like you're walking in bare feet'.  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists ATSocialMedia.co.uk

Korean Subway Car Turned Into A Beach

i'm trying to see things from your point of view but i can't stick my head that far up my ass

People who reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite. - http://themindsjournal.com/people-who-reply-to-my-sarcasm-with-sarcasm-are-my-favorite/

People who reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite.

Yeeeeessss always try to bring out the funniness in people cuz normal is just boring

"I'm sorry I presented myself that way." Sending porn to another woman's husband seemed like a good idea, huh? And it never crossed your empty head that would be ill-received by the wife? You're too stupid to breathe air and too selfish to be allowed to try.

Wipe ur mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bullshit around ur lips.

By Anonymous. Writing prompt

If we're ever in a situation where I am the "voice of reason" then we are in a very bad situation. Funny Pictures Of The Day - 45 Pics

So true

Instagram Post by Rosie (@she_looks_rosie)

Some people think they are champagne in a tall glass, when actual fact they're luke warm piss in a plastic cup