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Vessels sailing under the Ivory Coast (Cote de Ivorire) Country Flag are required to have on board this flag as part of flag state requirements that der.

Italy Capital: Rome Official Language: Italian Government: Republic Currency: Euro Driving: right Religion: Christianity Flag: -green: country, hills, hope -white: snow-capped Alps, faith -red: blood, charity

Free Ireland flag graphics, vectors, and printable PDF files. Get the free downloads at http://flaglane.com/download/irish-flag/

Facts about The Flag of Ireland including the Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland Flag. Read about the History of The Flag of Ireland.

Denmark is Europe's oldest kingdom and its flag - the oldest European flag -  was officially adopted in 1625.           The red flag with a white cross is known as the Dannebrog, or Danish Cloth. According to Danish legend, the Dannebrog descended from the skies during a battle in Estonia on June 15, 1219.

This is a picture of the flag of Denmark. I chose this picture because it relates to the play in that every scene in the entire play takes place in Denmark.

Hotels-live.com/album-photos : Trouvez les meilleures offres parmi 1 275 hôtels en Lituanie http://www.comparateur-hotels-live.com/Place/Lithuania.htm #Comparer

Flag of Lithuania - Gallery of sovereign state flags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flag of Madagascar - Antananarivo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flag of Madagascar - Gallery of sovereign state flags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia