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The Honest Company premium bath products are gentle and non-toxic, safe for the entire family.

Honest company uses high quality ingredients and materials so i trust their products. Whenever our baby has a diaper rash we use honest diapers for a short time and the rash heals much faster than if we use normal diapers.

When I started supplementing with formula, Everest liked The Honest Company way more compared to the Enfamil brand. She'll take different formulas now though

Honest Company's organic infant formula is carefully modeled after breast milk, and meticulously blended

This squeezable Honest Silicone Bottle mimics breastfeeding to provide an easy transition between breast and bottle!

Innovative peristaltic nipple uses a flex accordion design to allow baby to feed in a natural, wave-like motion, mimicking breastfeeding

The Honest Company - Nipples theses are AWESOME!  They fit our Pura stainless bottles and Baby loves the feel/function!

Honest Natural Feeding Peristaltic Nipples mimic natural breastfeeding for easy transitions between breast and bottle.

Keureg machine to warm bottle of breast milk. I'm a genius.

Parenting Hack: Bottle Warmer

Keureg machine to warm bottle. Forget the bottle warmers and use what you have

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We often use this to treat hot spots instead of hydrocortisone cream. Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic lotion // Organic Healing Balm by The Honest Company