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this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link

I've noticed a few of these

20 Weird Things About America that Americans Don't Realize are Weird So true! The only thing I find kind of normal is No. 11 - the pickles.

I asked my friend the same questions ( he had never seen this before) and he replied with the same answers

Funny pictures about If you have 10 chocolate cakes. Oh, and cool pics about If you have 10 chocolate cakes. Also, If you have 10 chocolate cakes.

Hipster Battle Is On...

But jokes aside Imagine Dragons have definitely been one of my all time favourite bands. But then again, I like all music, from country and classic rock to pop, dubstep and Disney movies

yes! haha drunk stories are the funniest!

Why do all of these drunk texts remind me of myself when ive never even had a drink in my life gosh haha

It would be cool enough to just save someone's life but this would be even better

So true. It's true Funny Photos Quotes And Sayings So true :-) Hilarious

They're not telling us something!

History Channel: Anything created in history was created by aliens. Anything that happened in history was because of aliens. Anyone in history is an alien. EVERYTHING IS AN ALIEN

Maybe I'll try this in my astronomy class..... Maybe not.

21 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

Teacher's comment on student's paper. Why are there rings on Saturn? Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it. "Saturn was NOT a single lady"!

I want to do this, this is awesome!

Funny pictures about Very bitey. Oh, and cool pics about Very bitey. Also, Very bitey.

q from official australia tourism website @honey bee child

The people at the Australian Tourism website have an awesome sense of humor. Who knew? These are hilarious answers. I love the Aussies.