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Ambrosia Mother by Katarzyna Redesiuk

Ambrosia Mother by Katarzyna Redesiuk

ArtStation - Dagon, the Sea Emperor, Vlad Marica

Artist: Vlad Marica aka Vlad MRK - Title: Dagon, The Sea Emperor reg - Card: Torfgar the Maelstrom

Call Of Cthulhu Digital Art

Armand Cabrera created this digital painting based on the Howard Phillip Lovecraft story of the same name. Lovecraft died in 1937 and his books are popular to this day.

ray harryhausen | Ray Harryhausen and some of his creations (link roundup)

Ray Harryhausen, the man whose wonderful stop-motion creations played a significant part in shaping me into the giant monster movie-enthusia.

Clash Of The Titans, The Kraken

Kraken - Clash of the Titans - Ray Harryhausen - Statue - Model - Figure - Greek Mythology


The Kraken in Clash of the Titans ~ "release the Kraken!" - twice the villain since he replaced the sea monster and plot from the original Perseus myth and stole the name of a Norwegian mythical beast that resembled an octopus.


Cthulhu is a malevolent entity who hibernates somewhere beneath the ocean in the South Pacific. The imprisoned Cthulhu is the source of constant anxiety for mankind at a subconscious level, and also the subject of worship by a number of human religions.