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I'm too busy


The end of one journey is really just the beginning of a new journey.

Change your mindset and things will start to happen in a positive way!

Oh yeah so true

Sinful Friday – A bold dump of funny pictures - PMSLweb

(: Just another reason I love him so much!!!

Things About Boyfriends

Read this. I had to check like 10 times. I even asked my brother and dad. They didn't know either

All of this is true (37 Photos)

Someone help me. I can't find the mistake andddd I've looked at this thing eighty times Really People? You can't see this?

I don't need to feel worse about myself and how I live my life. Consider those who call me immature out of my life.

Teenager Post 101 - 200

We must build that tree house, Pops!

I knew for a while that it was a D, but it took eleven or twelve years for me to actually see the D

Funny pictures about Pivotal moment in every kid's life. Oh, and cool pics about Pivotal moment in every kid's life. Also, Pivotal moment in every kid's life.

haha that totally happens to me,and it turns out there is a sign that says pull door!LOL!

All the frickin' time.

YES! I wish this was possible!!!

I wish I could record my dreams & watch them later

Amazing Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Pinning this JUST for the Robin Williams fact.

Laughing so Hard....

15 Really Funny Short Stories

Biggest plot twist

Biggest plot twist <<< the pet rock was the best XD