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New Global Filament Directory Helps You Navigate the Printing Jungle

20 3D Printed Toys for Next Year! | Yanko Design

Don't Buy Gifts For Christmas, Print Them!

XTC-3D® is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts

NEW XTC-3D Brush On 3D Print Coating

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Printing How It Works & Potential Applications [Infographic]Bit Rebels

Facts About #3DPrinting #infographic #Technology

Facts About 3D Printing #infographic

3D printing will change education (infographic)

3D Printers Are Changing The Classroom

Big Builder 3D Printer Unveiled: http://3dprint.com/1182/builder-3d-printers-launches-the-big-builder/ #3dPrinteresting

Builder Printers Launches the Big Builder: 26 Inch Z-axis Build Size

View-Master ® - View What's Possible Matel toys collaborates with Google Cardboard to give 2015 View-Mater virtual reality adventures like Alcatraz, the Space Shuttle, San Francisco, underwater adventure, etc. - $30 for View-Master viewer and one reel.

The re-imagined View Master

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3D-Printed Food

Sunruy 3D printers Manufactures Company are supply 3d printer material. 3D printers are reduce the time and price of coming up with new product by printing real components directly from digital input. These solutions are wont to speedily style, create, communicate, prototype, and manufacture real components empowering customers to manufacture the long run. Visit our website for knowing more http://www.sunruy.com

looks good in person. A little spendy relative to others but it has a unique size and the feature of blending colors. Dutch printer maker Builder announces new color mixing feature