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The Lion and the Wolf: Jonson vs Russ by NachoMon on DeviantArt

The Lion and the Wolf: Jonson vs Russ by NachoMon on DeviantArt

Mass Effect - MaleShep & Grunt is back by Paty-wolf.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Grunt is my son. Let me love you, you were only let out of the tank two years ago baby boy.

Warhammer 40K Database : Photo

Krom Dragongaze is a Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter, one of twelve legendary.

Primarch Leman Russ of the VI Legion - the Space Wolves  http://moorkasaur.deviantart.com/

And yet again, fan art, warhammer stuff. or whoever ownes them, but me) Primarch Leman Russ from.

ME2: Check-up by *hanaraad on deviantART

Unlike Star Trek and most fantasy settings, different sentient species are NOT capable of producing hybrid offspring in Mass Effect.

anononiagent: ““For Russ and the Allfather!” ”

I think this was the first Space Wolf image I ever saw, and it remains my favourite.

League of legends fan comics, How to train your Dragon - 10 part : [link] prev part : [link] How to train your dragon - 10

Space wolves horus heresy marine mkIV

The Internet's largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting

Leaman Russ color by ~slaine69 on deviantART

colored version of the space wolves primarch Leaman Russ color