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This shall be my future child.:

Little girl is living the dream.

This little girl's mother takes her to Disneyland every week, to help her conquer her shyness. MADE OF ADORABLE. Also, Peter Pan, Ladies & Gentlemen. This little girl is living the dream

This sooo needs to happen! Maybe then people will give this movie the appreciation is has always so richly deserved!!!! Atlantis: The Lost Empire! Hollah!!!!

the-marvelous-jollyroger: “ lucky-liquid-species: “ cup-o-teatay: “ FANCASTING: Atlantis: The Lost Empire Milo Thatch: Andrew Garfield ‘Kids’ Kidagakash: Zoe Saldana Commander Rourke: Tommy Lee.

More Disney Princesses dressed as Superheroes for Halloween…

Disney Princesses dressed as Superheroes for Halloween pt. 2 Aurora is definitely my favorite!

.The Fashion Foward Little Mermaid

Princess Fashion Colection - Ariel by Disney princesses. I like how this one is based off her original mermaid form rather than one of the dresses she wears as a human.

Family pictures - Disney happily ever after - meme

Disney families after there happily ever after stories. except Thumbilina isn't Disney.

The Cast Of Beauty & The Beast. I'm So excited for The Movie To Come Out In Theatres

This is the live action cast of 'Beauty and the Beast'. I am so excited for this and it's a huge bonus that Dan Stevens, Emma Watson and Luke Evans are in this.