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2017/06/30 Unicorn

if i get 20 likes by February Il give u a shout out Plus any overlay of ur choose for me to post

I got: introspective You spectacularly intellectual unicorn! You're a magical, magical creature, and you always look before you leap (on your spectacular unicorn hooves). You're the unicorn all the other unicorns come to when they need life advice.

What Kind Of Unicorn Are You?

You got: Sparkly Unicorn You unicorn of otherworldly allure! YOU GOT: SPARKLY UNICORN You’re the classic example of unicorn perfection, and it’s no wonder, because you LITERALLY SPARKLE. Shine on like the lovely, perfect unicorn that you are.

Getting this for myself next birthday!

I hope EVERYDAY is like making sweet love to a unicorn! (I tried a grudge f*ck with one once.