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"Dead body found in cemetery"  Really?!?Word choice, people!!

25 Unintentionally Funny Newspaper Headlines

Go ahead, pick the easy target, why don't you? The Most Obvious Headlines Ever!

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The Most Obvious Headlines Ever -- Those Damn Babies! When it comes to overpopulation: Blame the babies.

Amusing Headline

"Homicide Victims Rarely Talk to Police," and Other Horrible Headlines - Freakonomics

Let's face it, nobody is perfect, but when you're a company and / or store that needs to put integrity first, there is no room for error. With that said, here are 10 real things and products that are not being honest to say the least.

<< it says 10 bold tasting calories and then says 20 calories per bottle

jay leno headlines | 13 crazy headlines Jay Leno loved

13 crazy headlines Jay Leno loved

Night too? Lol omg that looks just like the daybed I had as a teenager !

Jay Leno Headlines

Jay Leno Headlines is a collection of some the best headlines Jay Leno used on the Tonight Show.